What is affiliate marketing and how you can become rich from affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing programs list

What is Affiliate Marketing? How you will earn from this ?

See below Youtube video ?

This guy in the video promoting a laptop, now see the description below this video in youtube.

Now what you see in the video description.. botton two lines are affilate links..dont understand? We trimmed the image ..

Affiliate links

Now you can see the affiliate links of Amazon..

When you click on these links , you will reach at Amazon store and if you order the laptop than the person (youtuber) above will be given a commission by Amazon.

Now questions in your mind

  1. What commission Amazon gives ?
  2. How to earn through Amazon like this or simply how to become a Amazon Affiliate ?
  3. Other than Youtube, What are other social media platforms or other methods where we will promote this ?
  4. What are other companies other than Amazon from which we can earn ?
  5. How much you can earn overall from affiliate marketing by promoting products and services. Can you become rich? Yes, you can earn easily up to 10,000 dollar per month or even more, kindly see point no. 5 and see the person and companies which are earning huge.

1. What Commission Amazon gives ?

So you can earn upto 10 percent commission ..

Except that, Amazon give more than 10 percent commission for promoting some amazon services. You can find here .

Now you make your mind to become a amazon Affiliate ? Next Question ?

2. How to become Amazon Affiliate

Below is the link from where you can apply to become a Amazon Affiliate ?

Click Here

3. Next Question ? I dont make Youtube Videos ? What are other options ?

You can promote Amazon products and services through below options

  • Blog or website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

4. What are options other than Amazon?

There are various options like some University wants more and more overseas students join their program , so you promote that University and get commission from the University ..

There are various companies and their various products and services .

Below are some options

  • Become an affiliate of bluehost
  • Become an affiliate of media.net
  • Become an affiliate of Travel website and companies like Trip advisior, Expedia, Booking.com

5. Below are persons or company earning huge money from affiliate marketing.

As per wikipedia, in 2015, wirecutter has generated revenue of 150 million dollar from affiliate .. if we suppose all revenue comes from Amazon and let commission be at 4 percent. it means company earned approx. 6 million dollar in 2015. in 2016, this company is taken over by New York Times.

https://thewirecutter.com/ owned by New York Times is a website that reviews products from Amazon and other e-commence sellers and also guides about buying products.