You are currently viewing Make data videos and Earn good amount of money with YouTube

Make data videos and Earn good amount of money with YouTube

When you come on YouTube than you also have desire to make such videos and earn extra income.

But you donot want to face the camera or share your voice or you dont have much time to devote towards video editing etc.

I am showing below the way in which all your problems got solved.

See below video

This video is on Channel ” Data is Beautiful”. The video has been seen by 2.5 Crore people around the world.

What you notice. There is no voice of the uploader and no face. just simple stats.

This Channel has total 58 Videos.

According to Social blade, the Channel earns between 4400 -70,000 Dollar per month with ad revenue. See below

So what you have seen? With just 58 videos, the uploader has set up a good income for self.

What you think, making such a video is diffcult now it is not ?

It is very simple. There are various website which helps to create such data visualization or animated stats.

You just simply enter data and all this video will automatically made.

Florish is such a website. Create a account here to start making such videos.

Making account and creating animate stats on Florish is free.