How to make/earn money online

There are numerous options today available today, below are these options.

Sell photos and Videos online

I am not kidding you can earn a good amount by just simply clicking good quality photos and videos by your camera or phone and sell online.

Below are some websites where you can sell these photos and videos

How much you can earn. Below is the screenshot of such website where you can see the price of videos and photos set by uploader. Uploader gets 60-70 ot even 90 percent commission of this price.


If you are expert in some field and passionate about writing than you can start a blog. Running a blog can cost you very less. Blog is just like a website.

When your website becomes popular and many people or a lot of traffic come to your website or blog and read your content than you can monteize your website or blog.

For example, you have seen TV news and TV serials between TV news and serials , various advertisement comes .. similarly you can put advertisement on your website to montetize your website.

There are various companies those eager to put advertisment on quality website. Google adsense is one of them. Except google adsense, lot of other companies are also there.

Execept putting advertisement, You can use affilate marketing to earn money on your blog.. what a affilate marketing is ??

Suppose, you write about best laptops available in the market. So you can join amazon affiliate network to earn money.

You can put amazon affilate links on your blog. People will come, see your content and when they like some product than they click over the link will take to amazon website and you will get a commission upto 10 percent in some cases on sell price once the products sold out.

Content writing or freelancer writer

If you dont want to start your own blog and still want to write about something you passion about. You can do this by writing on somebody’s blogs or website ..

Start Youtube channel

Everybody mobile has youtube now and everybody knows about that. Start a you tube channel and start earning.

Once your youtube channel becomes popular than you can apply to google adsense to put advertisement ..or you can promote a brand on your channel or you can earn by providing affilate links.

Play games and earn

If you are good at playing video games than you can make money ..

How you can make a channel on YouTube , join Twitch and facebook gaming ..

You can live stream when you are playing, others will watch you than once you are popular than you can earn advertisement and endorsement of the brands.

Start a Tiktok channel

Tiktok is short duration video platform. You can make a Tiktok channel and make funny , educational videos etc.

you can earn by adverstisment and endorsement of brands

Top 10 Tiktok earners in the world as per online casino website (

  • Loren Grey – $1,90,000
  • Zach Grey – $1,61,000
  • Baby Arial – $1,51,000
  • Riyaz Aly – $1,37000
  • Kristen Hancher – $1,16,000
  • Gilmher Croes – $1,14000
  • Jacob Sartorius – $1,09,000
  • Awez Darbar – $1,08,000
  • Nisha Guaragain – $1,08,000
  • Arishfa Khan – $1,06,000

Become a online teacher/online tutoring

Various websites are there, where you can teach a subject for few hours and earn a handsome amount. All you need a laptop/desktop pc and internet connection.

Below are some such websites

Make android apps

You need not to be a software engineer to make apps , you can easily make mobile apps without any coding skills on some website such as . once your app is ready you can publish in google play store and than earn money by advertisement and in app purchases.

below is the video from Andromo where you can make the apps easily. Generally its subscription plan starts from 8$ per month and you can make up to 50 apps per month.

For publishing the app, google takes around 25 $ one time and you can publish any nos of apps in playstore.

or if you are familiar with android studio than you need not to give this 8 $ or any money , you can start your own.

Share Market- Stocks and Mutual Funds

If you have some money idle in your bank account, you can invest in good stocks or to minimize the risks you can invest in mutual funds.

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