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Earn money online with Your voice while sitting in home

Kindly note that this work is only for US and UK residents.

Yes, you heard right. You can earn a good amount of money ? just sitting in your home.

This is not a telecaller kind of job not the voice translation job.

So what this job is ?

You will have to make a audio book from a text book.

Means ..You will have to record a entire book in your voice.

Questions in your mind?

What books are ?

How much money I will get ?

Books may be of any subject? Academic books, story books , novel books , biography etc.

You can earn a good amount from 100 dollar to 500 dollar depending on the book author.

So what you will have to do ?

1. Sign up and make an account on ACX as narrator from the link given below.

Click here

2. Give samples of your auido

3. Than choose payment method i.e. per hour rate or share the royalty with the author ( means you and book author will share the revenue).

4. Than search for the books and give audition of few minutes in your voice.

5. When an author select you than accept it with all the terms and conditions and negotiate the payment terms , paid amount and payment stage.

What is ACX: ACX is owned by Audible incl., part of Amazon. So you can trust on the ACX.

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