Earn Money online with Yandex (Russia’s Google)

Kindly note that the payout is good in CIS countries only(Russia and neighbouring countries, part of USSR). In other Countries, payout is very very less.

Yes, you can earn online for simple tasks by joining with Yandex. If you donot know what is Yandex ?

Yandex is Russian Multinational Technology company and does similar kind of works as google does ..you can say it is Russia’s Google.

Click here to read more about Yandex.

Now coming to topic ?

How to earn with Yandex ?

What kind of work?

The following works are there ?

1. Comparison of webpage, pictures,search results UI(User interfaces)

2. Evaluating website , pictures and videos coming out from search query in search engine

3. Field surveys : Visit important offices, shops , restaurant in your city to check their timings and rate their services for the listing on Yandex Map.

Getting started ?

1. Visit https://toloka.yandex.com/ or download the app from Google playstore or Apple Appstore

2. Make a account and start earning.

Thousand of fake companies are there who promise to pay for online work

On Yandex like company, You can trust just like you trust on Google.

Yes, Payout is low but trust is more important.