Become a online tutor on Chegg and Earn upto 1000 $ per month or more

Just give answers to questions asked by students in the subject you are expert in your free time and earn good money.

About the Company:

Chegg, Inc. was founded 14 years ago in mid 2005 in the city of California, USA. It is listed on New York stock exchange and generated revenue of more than 410 mn$ and have 4 million subscribers (students) worldwide. Chegg provides online learning portal for students upto the college level(read more).

Subjects and Courses on Chegg:

You can choose to teach from various subjects, ranging from basic subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science to various Engineering and Medical courses.

See complete list here(US residents only). This is the list of subjects and courses you can teach in USA.

In India, You can teach on Chegg India from the subject/course as shown below in the figure.

Credit: Chegg India Website

Your role in Chegg

You can join from various options available i.e. question and answer expert, live chat sessions with students or direct live teaching.

kindly note that with Chegg India, You are only asked to write answers for the questions asked by students. there will be no live interaction with students mean you need not to teach any student , just give answer to questions.

The following online posts(role) are available with Chegg India.

  1. Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  2. Text Book Solution Expert(TBS)

both Subject matter expert and Text book solution expert are given questions from the subjects and will be get paid per question after deducting statutory taxes.

How much you can earn

Chegg India : You can earn on average 20 US dollar per question answered as subject matter expert or text book solution expert. the amount of 20 dollar may vary and depends on various factors. you will get paid up to 30 dollar for some engineering subjects or tough questions.

Getting Started

Make a account on chegg as online tutor

1. US residents, Click here

2. Indian Residents, Click here( for Subject Matter Expert) , and Click here (for Text Book Solution Expert).

For Country other than US and India, You can join Chegg US and Chegg india from any where in the world , if you have necessary documents as required by Chegg as per local law and taxtation.

Chegg Reviews

On average, reviews are okay. Kindly see below reviews of several tutors working at chegg

See Chegg USA review here

See Chegg India reviews here

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. Before applying in chegg, kindly use your own intellect or review throughly or take feedback of someone who are working with chegg.

We are not associated with chegg in any manner and we cannot be held responsible for any scam or any wrong doing of chegg or any other person or website on behalf on chegg.