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Posted Date :

29 Jul 2020

Function/Business Area :

Sales and Distribution

Location :

Jio Point,Dharmu,Jharkhand

Job Responsibilities :

1. Develop the Jio point market2. Achieve acquisition and revenue target3. Identify & onboard channel partners4. Service retailers as per beat plan5. Ensure stock availability and visibility in retail outlets6. Maintain supply chain stability7. Ensure daily cash deposit8. Monitor, evaluate, train the team and channel partners

Education Requirement :

Graduation degree in any discipline

Experience Requirement :

2 – 4 years in Sales & Distribution

Skills & Competencies :

1. Familiarity with the territory2. Product sales knowledge3. Entrepreneurial skills4. Distribution handling skills5. People management skills6. Training skills7. Cash handling skills8. Problem Solving skills9. Technical orientation


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