JC Channel Sales Lead C [61131659] 39 views

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Posted Date :

27 Jul 2020

Function/Business Area :

Sales and Distribution

Location :

JC Mobility Kolhaghat,Kolhaghat – Gobardanga,West Bengal

Job Responsibilities :

1. Responsible for sim activations at retail outlets2. Drive revenue market share3. Manage channel partners and field sales executives4. Strengthen reach by increasing recharge and sim selling outlets5. Ensure product availability with distributors and retailers6. Drive return of interest of distributors and retailers7. Ensure manpower at distribution points for desired productivity8. Train manpower at distribution points for desired productivity9. Propose requirements to push for better visibility in the territory10. Gather and monitor competition plans, initiatives, policies and bestpractices

Education Requirement :

Graduation degree in any discipline

Experience Requirement :

4 – 6 years

Skills & Competencies :

1. Knowledge of product and market2. Knowledge of channel sales3. Team management skills4. Relationship management skills5. Target orientation6. Customer focus


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