IEC 61439 is a standard which is developed by International Electrotechnical Commission, Switzerland.

To which equipment, it is applicable: it is applicable to Electrical panels and busways/busduct/bus trunking – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.


This standard applies to assemblies only when required by the relevant assembly standard
as follows:
– assemblies for which the rated voltage does not exceed 1?000 V AC or 1500 V DC;
– assemblies designed for a nominal frequency of the incoming supply or supplies not exceeding 1000 Hz;
– assemblies intended for indoor and outdoor applications;
– stationary or movable assemblies with or without an enclosure;
– assemblies intended for use in connection with the generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric energy, and for the control of electrical energy consuming

IEC 61439 has following parts

IEC 61439-1 or simply part-1: General rules

IEC 61439-2: Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies (PSC-assemblies)

IEC 61439-3: Distribution boards intended to be operated by ordinary persons (DBO)

IEC 61439-4: ASSEMBLIES for construction sites Particular requirements for assemblies for construction sites (ACS)

IEC 61439-5: Assemblies for power distribution in public networks

IEC 61439-6: Busbar trunking systems (busways)

IEC 61439-7: Assemblies for specific applications such as marinas, camping sites, market squares, electric vehicle charging stations

IEC TR 61439-0: Guidance to specifying assemblies.

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