Kindly note that this freelancing job is available for the below languages only. Also donot forget to read disclaimer at the end of this article.

Languages requirements(Any one)

English(USA), Bulgarian, Chineese (Traditional), Chineese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(UK), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Hungrian, Japanese, Korean,Italian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrianian, Vietnamese


Gengo inc. is a Tokyo based company which has offices also in U.S. and Europe. It is founded in 2008 read more.

In 2019, company is taken over by Lionbridge Technologies.


This is part time work. Work may be available or may not be available. Generally if you are fluent in any one of these below languages , you may become translator at Gengo.

English(USA), Bulgarian, Chineese (Traditional), Chineese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(UK), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Hungrian, Japanese, Korean,Italian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrianian, Vietnamese

How much you will earn ?

This varies from language to language etc. On average, you may earn upto 500 dollar a month on average.


You may find reviews here of the persons working or worked with gengo as freelancer translators.

Getting Started

Sign up here to become a translator with gengo. There is no signup and membership fees to become a translator.


We are not associated with Gengo Inc. in any manner. We are not responsible for any wrongdoing of Gengo or any other person or organisation or company or group on behalf or in the name of Gengo.

Kindly do your own research before getting started with Gengo.

Kindly note that this work is available for following languages and donot forget to read the disclaimer below.

  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


gotranscript is one of the largest transcript and translation agency in the world. Company was founded in scottland in 2006.

Type of work

Have you seen hollywood movies with subtitles.

Most of the work is to convert audio or video to text so as to provide subtitles.

Eligibility and requirements to join

The work is available for the languages as already mentioned (English, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish)

You need not to be a native speaker. Just you are expert in these languages no matter from which country or location you are.

You does not need any degree or course in linguistics to apply for this work.

All you need is expert in these languages and a computer + Internet connection.

How much you can earn?

As per website, up to 0.6 US dollar is paid per minute of audio/video minute. You may earn upto 1000 dollar per month or more depending on your quality of work and amount of work submitted.

If you maintain quality than you will be promoted to editor.


You can find reviews of various transcriber who have worked or working with gotranscript here and here.

Getting started

1) Sign up and make a account on gotranscript here.

2) After account creation, you will have to pass a language test and you are given a 10 min video to convert it into text in 6 hours.

3) After passing the test, you will become a transcriber.


We will not be responsible for any wrongdoing or any scam by gotranscript or any person or company or anything on behalf or in the name of gotranscriptWe have no connection with gotranscript.

Kindly do your own research before join gotranscript.

Kindly note that this is for residents of U.S., U.K. and Canada only.

With branded surveys, You can easily do work from home by answering simple survey questions. This is not a job. This is work. You can work anytime, anywhere.

You will given with some multiple choice survey questions. You will have to answer these questions.

Company information

Branded is a California based brand research company, founded in 2012. Company works with many reputed brands.

Before launching their products and services, brands and companies wants to know the feedback and opinions. Branded research does that work.

Type of work and payment

As already mentioned, you are provided with simple multiple choice questions.

Upon answering these questions, you will get points. Once you reach 1000 points(100 points = 1 US dollar), you may redeem the points in form of Amazon or wallmart or other gift copuons or cash.

In addition to surveys, you will also given with service offers, polls and social media referrals.

User will get different awards on association with branded surveys. Like bronze, silver and Gold tier. In each tier, you will get bonous extra.

You will get 100 points(1 dollar) as bonous on joining branded research.


Branded surveys has a very trusted name. You may see reviews of the persons who have previously worked or working with branded surveys here

How to join

You may join here.


We are not associated with branded research in any manner. We will not be responsible for any scam or wrong doing of the branded research or any person or any company or group on behalf or in the name of the branded research.

Kindly do your own research before join and donot give any money to join or any other thing.

Kindly note that this programme is only for residents of U.S. and Canada.

Yes, you read right ? You will be get paid for watching videos.. How ? There is a website which pays you for watching videos.

About company

Quickrewards network is founded in 2002. There is no wikipedia page of this company. It is a US company.

Type of work

Various tasks are available from watching videos, online surveys and playing games etc.

How you will get paid?

Payment will be in the form of rewards like Amazon copouns or gift coupons or you will have an option to send money to Paypal account.

Company pays you within 24 hours after you completed tasks.

You can request of gift copuons of any amount or withdraw any amount of money as little as 1 dollar through Paypal.

For the US residents, 10 dollar is minimum limit to transfer money to Paypal.

In addition, US residents will have to submit tax information if payout exceeds more than 600 dollar.

Eligiblty to join

Any residents of U.S. and Canada can join the programme above the age of 18. There is no fees to join this.


You may see the reviews of the people who have joined this website programme to earn money here.

How to join

You may join the quickrewards network here.


We are not associated with in any manner. We will not be responsible for any scam or wrong doing of or any person or any company or group on behalf or in the name of the

Kindly do your own research before join and do not send any money to any person or company to join or any other thing.

When you come on YouTube than you also have desire to make such videos and earn extra income.

But you donot want to face the camera or share your voice or you dont have much time to devote towards video editing etc.

I am showing below the way in which all your problems got solved.

See below video

This video is on Channel ” Data is Beautiful”. The video has been seen by 2.5 Crore people around the world.

What you notice. There is no voice of the uploader and no face. just simple stats.

This Channel has total 58 Videos.

According to Social blade, the Channel earns between 4400 -70,000 Dollar per month with ad revenue. See below

So what you have seen? With just 58 videos, the uploader has set up a good income for self.

What you think, making such a video is diffcult now it is not ?

It is very simple. There are various website which helps to create such data visualization or animated stats.

You just simply enter data and all this video will automatically made.

Florish is such a website. Create a account here to start making such videos.

Making account and creating animate stats on Florish is free.

Table of Contents

1. What is Swagbucks

2. Type of work

3. How much you will earn?

4. Reviews

5. Getting Started

1. What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an American company, founded in year 2008 and is a part of american online marketing company, Prodege (read more).

2. Type of Work:

onine survyes, Poll, watching videos, searching anything on Swagbucks searchengine(just like google, Swagbucks has its own search Engine)

Means you will be get paid for performing simple tasks such as answering questions in online survey, use swagbucks search engine instead of google whenever you need to search, watching videos etc.

3. How much you will earn?

Per survey or per task , you may get between 5 SB to 250 SB.

SB means Swagbucks currency. 1 SB =0.01 US Dollar

On Reddit, average users reported earning upto 100 US dollar a month.

You will be paid in form of gift cards(Amazon etc.) or can withdraw money using PayPal.

4. Reviews

On Trustpilot(consumer reviews top site), Approx. 16,000 people given rating and review.

Swagbucks has a rating of 4.5 here. 64 percent user has given execellent, 20 percent good, 9 percent user reported average.

While only 7 percent of the people reported bad and poor.

Read complete Swagbucks review

Not only on the Trustpilot, Swagbucks has mobile app also. On the Google playstore, The Swagbucks app has a rating of 4.1 with more than 1 Milion plus downloads.

5. Getting Started

Make a account on Swagbucks(Click here)

Making a account on Swagbucks is free.

Or You can download the Swagbucks mobile app.

Download from Playstore, Click here

Download from App Store, Click here


We are not associated with Swagbucks in any manner and we cannot be held responsible for any scam or any wrong doing of Swagbucks or any other person or website on behalf on Swagbucks.

Kindly do your own research before joining with Swagbucks.

Just give answers to questions asked by students in the subject you are expert in your free time and earn good money.

About the Company:

Chegg, Inc. was founded 14 years ago in mid 2005 in the city of California, USA. It is listed on New York stock exchange and generated revenue of more than 410 mn$ and have 4 million subscribers (students) worldwide. Chegg provides online learning portal for students upto the college level(read more).

Subjects and Courses on Chegg:

You can choose to teach from various subjects, ranging from basic subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science to various Engineering and Medical courses.

See complete list here(US residents only). This is the list of subjects and courses you can teach in USA.

In India, You can teach on Chegg India from the subject/course as shown below in the figure.

Credit: Chegg India Website

Your role in Chegg

You can join from various options available i.e. question and answer expert, live chat sessions with students or direct live teaching.

kindly note that with Chegg India, You are only asked to write answers for the questions asked by students. there will be no live interaction with students mean you need not to teach any student , just give answer to questions.

The following online posts(role) are available with Chegg India.

  1. Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  2. Text Book Solution Expert(TBS)

both Subject matter expert and Text book solution expert are given questions from the subjects and will be get paid per question after deducting statutory taxes.

How much you can earn

Chegg India : You can earn on average 20 US dollar per question answered as subject matter expert or text book solution expert. the amount of 20 dollar may vary and depends on various factors. you will get paid up to 30 dollar for some engineering subjects or tough questions.

Getting Started

Make a account on chegg as online tutor

1. US residents, Click here

2. Indian Residents, Click here( for Subject Matter Expert) , and Click here (for Text Book Solution Expert).

For Country other than US and India, You can join Chegg US and Chegg india from any where in the world , if you have necessary documents as required by Chegg as per local law and taxtation.

Chegg Reviews

On average, reviews are okay. Kindly see below reviews of several tutors working at chegg

See Chegg USA review here

See Chegg India reviews here

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. Before applying in chegg, kindly use your own intellect or review throughly or take feedback of someone who are working with chegg.

We are not associated with chegg in any manner and we cannot be held responsible for any scam or any wrong doing of chegg or any other person or website on behalf on chegg.

Kindly note that the payout is good in CIS countries only(Russia and neighbouring countries, part of USSR). In other Countries, payout is very very less.

Yes, you can earn online for simple tasks by joining with Yandex. If you donot know what is Yandex ?

Yandex is Russian Multinational Technology company and does similar kind of works as google does can say it is Russia’s Google.

Click here to read more about Yandex.

Now coming to topic ?

How to earn with Yandex ?

What kind of work?

The following works are there ?

1. Comparison of webpage, pictures,search results UI(User interfaces)

2. Evaluating website , pictures and videos coming out from search query in search engine

3. Field surveys : Visit important offices, shops , restaurant in your city to check their timings and rate their services for the listing on Yandex Map.

Getting started ?

1. Visit or download the app from Google playstore or Apple Appstore

2. Make a account and start earning.

Thousand of fake companies are there who promise to pay for online work

On Yandex like company, You can trust just like you trust on Google.

Yes, Payout is low but trust is more important.

Kindly note that this work is only for US and UK residents.

Yes, you heard right. You can earn a good amount of money 💰 just sitting in your home.

This is not a telecaller kind of job not the voice translation job.

So what this job is ?

You will have to make a audio book from a text book.

Means ..You will have to record a entire book in your voice.

Questions in your mind?

What books are ?

How much money I will get ?

Books may be of any subject? Academic books, story books , novel books , biography etc.

You can earn a good amount from 100 dollar to 500 dollar depending on the book author.

So what you will have to do ?

1. Sign up and make an account on ACX as narrator from the link given below.

Click here

2. Give samples of your auido

3. Than choose payment method i.e. per hour rate or share the royalty with the author ( means you and book author will share the revenue).

4. Than search for the books and give audition of few minutes in your voice.

5. When an author select you than accept it with all the terms and conditions and negotiate the payment terms , paid amount and payment stage.

What is ACX: ACX is owned by Audible incl., part of Amazon. So you can trust on the ACX.

For more information visit the page

Yes, you read right. You can earn by suggesting a name to a website, a product and tagline for a business.

There is a website

This website is a naming website. It is created to help those persons who are confused in naming their business, startup, book , app or want a tagline or a logo.

Now what you will have to do?

1. Simply, You have to first set up a account on the website.

click here to set up

Now a page opens up as shown in the picture below.

Fill up all the details, choose a password and join as a creative.

You can also join with your existing facebook and google account.

2. Now you will see a page, like below.

Now click on menu bar (three horizontal lines in top left of the page just below the phone number.

3. Now click on contest, than browse than you see active contests as shown in the below page.

3. When you will click on active contests than you will see various contents like suggest a name for website , name a book , name a business etc.

4. Participate in these contests.

5. When your suggested name is taken by the buyer who created the contest , you will receive contest money💰.

Disclaimer: Electricalwiki and its writers have no affiliation and relation with website. We do not confirm the website authenticity so kindly confirm before you make a payment to website by any means or think of spending your valuable time on this website.

Below are latest competition and rewards available..

Make a MCQ (Mutiple choice question Quiz) on telegram and win in Euros

Telegram will distribute around 400,000 Euro among those people who develop educational quiz (Multiple Choice type Quiz) on telegram ..

Deadline : submission for the stage 1 will end on 15.05.2020

How to take part:

1. Open Telegram app

2. Search @Quizboat

3. and join ..

4. You will asked to select language and topic .afterwards, all will be self explanatory..

What type of Quiz : You will have to make an online educational test on any subject like maths, computer , history, Science etc.

How to make quiz :

What is China capital ?

Option A: Shanghai

Option B: Bejing

Option C: Wuhan

Option D: Shenzhen

What is Affiliate Marketing? How you will earn from this ?

See below Youtube video ?

This guy in the video promoting a laptop, now see the description below this video in youtube.

Now what you see in the video description.. botton two lines are affilate links..dont understand? We trimmed the image ..

Affiliate links

Now you can see the affiliate links of Amazon..

When you click on these links , you will reach at Amazon store and if you order the laptop than the person (youtuber) above will be given a commission by Amazon.

Now questions in your mind

  1. What commission Amazon gives ?
  2. How to earn through Amazon like this or simply how to become a Amazon Affiliate ?
  3. Other than Youtube, What are other social media platforms or other methods where we will promote this ?
  4. What are other companies other than Amazon from which we can earn ?
  5. How much you can earn overall from affiliate marketing by promoting products and services. Can you become rich? Yes, you can earn easily up to 10,000 dollar per month or even more, kindly see point no. 5 and see the person and companies which are earning huge.

1. What Commission Amazon gives ?

So you can earn upto 10 percent commission ..

Except that, Amazon give more than 10 percent commission for promoting some amazon services. You can find here .

Now you make your mind to become a amazon Affiliate ? Next Question ?

2. How to become Amazon Affiliate

Below is the link from where you can apply to become a Amazon Affiliate ?

Click Here

3. Next Question ? I dont make Youtube Videos ? What are other options ?

You can promote Amazon products and services through below options

  • Blog or website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

4. What are options other than Amazon?

There are various options like some University wants more and more overseas students join their program , so you promote that University and get commission from the University ..

There are various companies and their various products and services .

Below are some options

  • Become an affiliate of bluehost
  • Become an affiliate of
  • Become an affiliate of Travel website and companies like Trip advisior, Expedia,

5. Below are persons or company earning huge money from affiliate marketing.

As per wikipedia, in 2015, wirecutter has generated revenue of 150 million dollar from affiliate .. if we suppose all revenue comes from Amazon and let commission be at 4 percent. it means company earned approx. 6 million dollar in 2015. in 2016, this company is taken over by New York Times. owned by New York Times is a website that reviews products from Amazon and other e-commence sellers and also guides about buying products.

There are numerous options today available today, below are these options.

Sell photos and Videos online

I am not kidding you can earn a good amount by just simply clicking good quality photos and videos by your camera or phone and sell online.

Below are some websites where you can sell these photos and videos

How much you can earn. Below is the screenshot of such website where you can see the price of videos and photos set by uploader. Uploader gets 60-70 ot even 90 percent commission of this price.


If you are expert in some field and passionate about writing than you can start a blog. Running a blog can cost you very less. Blog is just like a website.

When your website becomes popular and many people or a lot of traffic come to your website or blog and read your content than you can monteize your website or blog.

For example, you have seen TV news and TV serials between TV news and serials , various advertisement comes .. similarly you can put advertisement on your website to montetize your website.

There are various companies those eager to put advertisment on quality website. Google adsense is one of them. Except google adsense, lot of other companies are also there.

Execept putting advertisement, You can use affilate marketing to earn money on your blog.. what a affilate marketing is ??

Suppose, you write about best laptops available in the market. So you can join amazon affiliate network to earn money.

You can put amazon affilate links on your blog. People will come, see your content and when they like some product than they click over the link will take to amazon website and you will get a commission upto 10 percent in some cases on sell price once the products sold out.

Content writing or freelancer writer

If you dont want to start your own blog and still want to write about something you passion about. You can do this by writing on somebody’s blogs or website ..

Start Youtube channel

Everybody mobile has youtube now and everybody knows about that. Start a you tube channel and start earning.

Once your youtube channel becomes popular than you can apply to google adsense to put advertisement ..or you can promote a brand on your channel or you can earn by providing affilate links.

Play games and earn

If you are good at playing video games than you can make money ..

How you can make a channel on YouTube , join Twitch and facebook gaming ..

You can live stream when you are playing, others will watch you than once you are popular than you can earn advertisement and endorsement of the brands.

Start a Tiktok channel

Tiktok is short duration video platform. You can make a Tiktok channel and make funny , educational videos etc.

you can earn by adverstisment and endorsement of brands

Top 10 Tiktok earners in the world as per online casino website (

  • Loren Grey – $1,90,000
  • Zach Grey – $1,61,000
  • Baby Arial – $1,51,000
  • Riyaz Aly – $1,37000
  • Kristen Hancher – $1,16,000
  • Gilmher Croes – $1,14000
  • Jacob Sartorius – $1,09,000
  • Awez Darbar – $1,08,000
  • Nisha Guaragain – $1,08,000
  • Arishfa Khan – $1,06,000

Become a online teacher/online tutoring

Various websites are there, where you can teach a subject for few hours and earn a handsome amount. All you need a laptop/desktop pc and internet connection.

Below are some such websites

Make android apps

You need not to be a software engineer to make apps , you can easily make mobile apps without any coding skills on some website such as . once your app is ready you can publish in google play store and than earn money by advertisement and in app purchases.

below is the video from Andromo where you can make the apps easily. Generally its subscription plan starts from 8$ per month and you can make up to 50 apps per month.

For publishing the app, google takes around 25 $ one time and you can publish any nos of apps in playstore.

or if you are familiar with android studio than you need not to give this 8 $ or any money , you can start your own.

Share Market- Stocks and Mutual Funds

If you have some money idle in your bank account, you can invest in good stocks or to minimize the risks you can invest in mutual funds.